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How many years have you been asking to be heard?

How many ways have you demonstrated public support?

How many promises, how many co-sponsors, but still no final vote?

Why should your organization support the Fix Harrisburg campaign?

Unless we join our voices to demand a more accountable legislature that works for ALL of us, PA will continue sliding backward, despite broad public support for many needed changes. We've all seen how committee chairs and legislative leaders ignore strong advocacy efforts from individual issue groups. At some point, they can't ignore ALL of us. Together with other organizations across PA, we can demand better legislative rules, better representation, and votes on bipartisan solutions. Send us an email to connect or schedule a speaker for your organization.

The Fix Harrisburg campaign is calling attention to legislative dysfunction and demanding better procedural rules so bipartisan solutions get a vote.

Here's what we're asking of our legislators:

The rules should not allow a few partisan gatekeepers complete say over what bills are given a vote.
The rules should ensure legislators from all parts of the state and across the political spectrum have a meaningful role in deciding what bills are enacted.
The rules should provide an avenue for bills with strong bipartisan support to be guaranteed a vote in committee, and if voted out of committee be guaranteed a vote on the chamber floor.
The rules should ensure that If bills pass in one chamber with bipartisan support, the other chamber will respect that work with a corresponding vote.

Join the Campaign

Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters will amplify your organization's messages about bipartisan solutions on social media and outreach to press. We can share our research on how procedural rules block bipartisan solutions.

By partnering in this campaign to Fix Harrisburg, we ask for you to.

  • Educate your community about the impact of legislative rules on your own advocacy efforts and encourage conversation with legislators about the need for better rules by inviting a speaker from Fair Districts PA/The Fix Harrisburg Campaign.

  • Encourage member and community participation in Fix Harrisburg advocacy and public information efforts.

  • Share Fix Harrisburg messaging when it makes sense, and use the #FixHarrisburg #BipartisanSolutions hashtags to urge support for your own bipartisan solutions.

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