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The Solution:
Demand Fair Rules this Session

Fix The Rules

Pennsylvania has urgent problems that demand bipartisan collaboration and real solutions. It’s time for new rules that make it possible for good bills with broad support to be given a vote. And it’s time to make sure legislators from all parts of the state and across the political spectrum are able to do their work, effectively. This is an essential part of a government established of, by and for the people.

The 2023-2024 Session will begin in January. The drafting of the rules for the new session begins shortly after the election, and is one of the first votes that the legislature will vote on on the first day of the new session.

We are asking the sitting, incumbent, and newly elected senators and representatives to push for rules that allow bipartisan bills to move through the process.

Dysfunction by Design

In December 2022, Fair Districts PA released a paper outlining the problems and solution to Legislative dysfunction. To take a deeper dive, view details, comparisons and data related to the Pennsylvania Legislature, please read it!

Fair Districts PA's proposed changes to the House rules were shared with legislators.

Specific changes 

Here's what we're asking of our legislators:

We need rules that guarantee bipartisan solutions can receive a vote. These rules would ensure every legislator has the ability to play a meaningful role in deciding what bills are enacted.

Bills with demonstrated bipartisan support must be guaranteed a vote in committee.
Bills voted out of committee with bipartisan support must be guaranteed a vote on the chamber floor.
Bills passed in one chamber with bipartisan support should be given consideration in the other chamber.

Our next steps

Fair Districts PA has proposed specific changes to the House rules. Check those proposals, here.

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